Cloud adoption with excellence.

What You Get

BrainGale offers cloud services by leaders in their respective industries.

We are extremely confident in our offerings as we have a diverse team of consultants who bring decades worth of experience in their respective industries.

The specialties of our consultants include the implementation of multiple cloud vendors.

Our consultants, perform a comprehensive analysis of the clients’ requirements and provide them with a strategic and cost-effective choice of solutions.

Big data solutions allow you to:
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Identify new customers

by using consumer interests, behaviour and insights extracted from Big Data analytics

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Find new marketing opportunities

via Big Data analysis that provide helpful patterns in improving existing segments or features

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Provide customer recommendation engines

that use Big Data tools to provide offers relevant to the customers

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Reduce maintenance costs

with Big Data tools that can spot failing grid devices and predict when they will go out

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Perform risk analyses

with Big Data predictive analytics to scan and analyze reports and keep up with the latest industry developments

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Keep data safe

via Big Data analytics that map a company’s entire data landscape

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Develop enterprise-wide insights

using Big Data interactive and dynamic visualization tools that allow business users to analyze, view and benefit from the data

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Redevelop products

via Big Data analysis of customer perception of business strategy

Learn more about our various services:
Our end-to-end cloud services and solutions span from infrastructure and operations management, automation and DevOps, and data and analytics, leveraging the cloud ecosystem of leading solutions like BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Tensorflow and many more.
Executive Technology Coaching
We work directly with the leaders of your organization to help them understand how leading cloud and data technologies can improve their operations.
Cloud Readiness Assessments
Evaluate your current technology, process and people opportunities and see where adopting cloud can be a solution.
Architecture & Roadmap Design
Tap into our wide range of expertise to build a long-term plan that covers migrating to the cloud and adopting cloud-native technologies.
Platform Workshops & Proof-Of-Concepts
Learn about how various cloud solutions can work with your use cases through workshops and real proof-of-concepts.
Cloud Migration Planning & Execution
Once you’re armed with a solid cloud strategy and roadmap, we’ll migrate you to the cloud quickly and without disruption to your operations.
Technology & Business Case Development
Our cloud experts will help you clearly define the cost, time, and customer experience benefits from adopting new cloud solutions.
Managed Cloud Operations
BrainGale can supplement or extend your technical teams by providing 24×7 management of your databases and workloads on the cloud.
Automation & Optimization
Automate your cloud operations, turn your data into insights, and adopt new technology faster by leveraging cloud-only solutions.
Some of the major platforms we use: